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April 20,2011

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Many years ago I worked in Yorkshire and they many had an unusual tradition. Good Friday was not a holiday but was a normal working day. That may seem strange but there was a reason for it. People got the Tuesday after Easter Monday as a holiday instead.

Now there was a reason for this and that was the cotton mills. You see the people would work Monday to Saturday for a normal week then they would close down the boilers that powered the place for Sunday. The problem that gave was it meant that they had to power the boilers off on a Thursday so that the workers could have Good Friday as a holiday. They would then have to get them working again so that the the mills could operate on the Saturday. That cost money so they came up with a solution.

The workers did a normal day right through until Saturday then they got Monday and Tuesday as a day off. I worked at one place where we would get Good Friday, Easter Monday and the Tuesday as holiday.

March 6,2011

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When the inventor of the game of chess showed his creation to the King of the country, the ruler was so pleased that he gave the inventor the right to name his prize for the invention. Being very wise, the man asked the king this:

that for the first square of the chess board, he would receive one grain of rice, two for the second one, four on the third one, and so forth, doubling the amount each time.

Maths was not the King's strong point so he quickly accepted the offer and even got offended at what he perceived to be such a such a low price.

None the less, the King ordered the treasurer to count and hand over the rice to the inventor. A week passed and the treasurer still had not come up with the result which got the King furious. He summoned the treasurer and demanded the result of the calculation.

The treasurer had been trying to avoid the King because of the result that he had calculated. He explained that it would be impossible to give the inventor the reward.This got the King furious but his anger subsided when the treasure passed him the piece of paper that showed his calculations.

What did the piece of paper say?


More rice than exists in the world so the King now saw his problem

Now people are probably wondering what on earth the history of chess has to do with Internet Marketing. The answer is easy because the chess board reflects how a great many IM schemes work. They require recruitment and recruitment and recruitment to keep the matrix going.

Then they hit a problem because there is nobody else that they can recruit so they collapse with the most recent recruits losing all that they have put in. Of course, those at the top have creamed off the profits from their pyramid scheme and that will allow them to launch yet another one a few days later. More maxed out credit cards as people fall for this dream that is peddled where you do no work and the money just floods in

Face reality because making money needs hard graft. These people who tell you that you can make a fortune overnight are simply telling a lie. Get a site up and running and work on it so that you can begin to get the money coming in but the overnight success stories are a joke.

February 18,2011

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What does SCAM stand for?

When signing in to my internet banking account today, I was presented with a message that told me that February 2011 was Scambusters month so I looked into what they were telling me. What I found has a UK perspective but is relevant everywhere. It comes from one of our government bodies so can be considered to be a reasonable interpretation of legal matters although it should not be seen as legal advice.

Check out the following before you sign-up for that internet marketing scheme that arrived in your email because it migh just save your credit card from maxing out.

Pyramid selling and chain gift schemes

The scam

You hear from a friend about a great new money-making venture. Once you've paid a joining fee, you can earn large amounts by recruiting new members to the scheme.

This is a pyramid-selling scheme. In reality, only a tiny minority of those involved make money.

During the recruitment process, you might be invited to a presentation about the scheme and given a brochure about it. You may come across claims such as:

  • 'Your recruits do all the work for you - you just sit back and bank the money.'
  • 'You and your friends can enjoy wealth together.'
  • 'I was unemployed and in debt before I discovered this opportunity.'

The power of a friend's recommendation can make it difficult to resist these schemes. And it can make it harder for you to tell family and friends afterwards.

In a similar scam, a letter or email promises you an expensive high-tech gift for free. But first, you have to buy something low value which gets you on the waiting list. You will get your high-value gift only once large numbers of new members sign up - and you have to help recruit them. In reality, you're unlikely to ever get the gift you were expecting.

These sorts of schemes are almost certain to leave you out of pocket. That is because, for every participant to receive the money or gift on offer, there would have to be an endless supply of new recruits. Since this is impossible in practice, these schemes inevitably collapse and result in most people losing their money.

Protect yourself

  • Avoid schemes that offer money or a gift or reward based purely on signing up new members.
  • Don't agree to anything - or sign anything - at high-pressure meetings or seminars.
  • Don't hand over any money or sign a contract to participate in any multi-level marketing plan until you've investigated it. Take independent professional advice.

If you think you've been a victim of this scam, call Consumer Direct for advice on 08454 04 05 06.

Trading schemes

Trading schemes (also described as direct-selling schemes, network marketing, multi-level marketing and other names) are a legitimate form of business activity offering people the opportunity to earn money by selling the scheme's goods or services from home. In some schemes, participants may earn additional commission by recruiting others to the scheme and from sales by their recruits.

However, trading schemes must comply with certain laws - provisions in Part XI of the Fair Trading Act as amended by the Trading Schemes Act 1996 and the Trading Schemes Regulations 1997.

Trading schemes become illegitimate and illegal when, while claiming that they trade in goods or services, their real purpose is to generate money by recruiting new participants. This is when they become pyramid selling.

Note that recruitment rewards are not in themselves unlawful. But it is against the law to persuade someone that the main incentive for joining a scheme is to profit from recruiting others, or to take money from someone on the basis of such a claim.

To find out more, read the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills booklet 'The Trading Scheme Guide'.

January 16,2011

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I do so like it when people say that 'I  do not know what I am talking about'. It makes me laugh because I keep quiet if I have no sensible answer in a discussion.

Now you may be wondering what brought my fits of laughter on.

Well, somebody seems to think that promoting a pyramid scheme is ethical and legal. It is neither. I simply pointed that out to them and got a very negative response. They most likely have their $33 a month investment in the business which will get them out of debt. More likely scenario is that it will max out their credit card.

Many of the schemes that float around the internet are illegal pyramids. They involve recruiting an ever increasing number of people in so that the people at the top keep on earning. The result might be a short term income for a few but then it just disappears as the suckers who sign up for these things run out.

Just remember that the person who benefits most in a pyramid is the one who is at the top. Those below get the crumbs and will rarely recoup the money that they put in.  Some offer products which do give some chance to build a real business. Frequently it is simply based on recruiting people who will pay the monthly fee though.

This is not ethical internet marketing. I approach it as wanting partners that I can work with so we create a win-win situation. I suppose that my business must be unusual in doing that because so many seem to only offer win-lose. Put another way, they win and you lose.

There are so many websites around these days that only want you to pull out a credit card and type the numbers in. They promise the earth and deliver nothing except a card that is now at the credit limit.

The business that I am building will work with partners but there is one important word there. We are **PARTNERS** and that means we work for a win-win solution. If you reject that I have no problem because I simply will not work with you.

December 29,2010

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Many in the internet marketing field make a big noise about article marketing and it does, on the surface, appear to be a good thing to do. Just having the article available in one or more of the directories can get backlinks to the site that is being promoted. Everybody knows how the search engines like to find references to a site and especially those that come from ones with high  traffic. Now it has to be said that those type of links are not necessarily as useful as they may seem because the article directory will insert the nofollow attribute into anything displayed on their site. That is not the subject of this article though because that is...


That is the act of taking the work of another and passing it off as if it was your own. Some may say that PLR is exactly that but the difference in that is that it is something created for sale. The author has explicitly stated that it may be used as the recipient sees fit without any reference back to the original.  It has a place in marketing but is mostly of such poor quality that it is best used for ideas for original articles.

Plagiarism however is copyright theft and I found it happening to me. A search term appeared in my webserver logs so I went to find how well it was ranking in Google. It turned out to be good in one way because my recipe had almost the whole front page for listings. Then the problems started.

It is always worth checking sites that link to one that you own so I looked at the two that were not my own. The first had technical problems but the real issue came with the second.


What is more, they even cheated on the date because they set that to be three months earlier than I had written it so that it appears that they came up with it first. They have been served with a DMCA compliance notice and I will contact the authorities in their state if they fail to comply. Naming them would only provide them with publicity for their site and that would be a bad thing which is why I am not doing so.

So be wary of using article directories because there are people who are quite willing to go into them and plagiarise your content. They may bring benefits but they may be more trouble than they are worth.

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It may sometimes seem like yet another blog that is trying to sell the 'latest and greatest' yet it is more a look at Internet Marketing through the eyes of a cynic who has no plans to max out his card by buying in to the 'next big thing' and the next one and the next one ....

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